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Terms of Service


By registering as a user of the website, you confirm that you have read the terms and conditions of this user agreement (hereinafter the Terms of Use), agree to the Terms of Use and undertake to comply with the Terms of Use below:


1.1. These Terms of Use govern the legal relationships that arise when using the environment.

1.2. In the terms of use, terms are used in the following sense:

1.2.1. -   the service provision environment located at the internet address ;

1.2.2. User account - user ID of a person registered as a user with a password;

1.2.3. User - a person who has a user account;

1.2.4. Tender organizer – a user who has added tenders to the environment;

1.2.5. Bidder - a user who has made a bid for a procurement in the environment;

1.2.6. Tender winner – a user who has been designated as the tender winner by the tender organizer;

1.2.7. Tender failure - a situation where, after the selection of the Tender winner, the Tender organizer and the Tender winner do not reach an agreement and the works described in the tender are not carried out by the Tender winner.


2.1. The content of the service provided by Just-Get.Com OÜ in the environment is to create an opportunity for the User to publish a tender announcement and/or make an offer under the conditions stipulated in the Terms of Use. Just-Get.Com OÜ does not provide broker services in the environment and is not a party to the legal relationship between the Tender organizer and the Tender winner.   

2.2. In the environment, only advertisements and information that are not prohibited by law or User Terms may be published.


3.1. has the right to:

3.1.1. check that the environment is used in accordance with the Terms of Use. Upon discovery of a violation, may exercise all rights provided by law and these Terms of Use.

3.1.2. require authentication of a person when creating a user account and process personal data for the purpose of providing services under the conditions and procedure provided by law;

3.1.3. to familiarize himself with the materials made available to the public by the User at a time convenient for him to check whether said materials do not contradict the provisions of the Terms of Use.

3.1.4. ask the winner of the Tender for a fee for the transmission of contact details of the Tender organizer in accordance with the price list;

3.1.5. send information (name and contact details) about the organizer of the Tender to the winner of the Tender;

3.1.6. to ask the Tender organizer and/or the Tender winner for reasons why it was not possible to reach an agreement to perform the work described in the tender announcement.

3.1.7. block the User Account of the User who violates the law and the Terms of Use;

3.1.8. ask the User for a fee for unblocking the User Account;

3.1.9. to return the fee received from the winner of the Tender for the transfer of contact data under the conditions specified in the Terms of Use only if the tender has been declared abortive for an objective reason;

3.1.10. unconditionally and immediately suspend the possibility of using the services (block the User) if the User ignores the Terms of Use or has a reasonable suspicion that the User may ignore them;

3.1.11. not to return the advance payment to the blocked User.

3.2. has an obligation to:

3.2.1. maintain and monitor the functioning of the services and their availability to the User;

3.2.2. ensure the operation of customer support to assist the User at the e-mail address ;

3.2.3. provide information about the organizer of the Tender to the winner of the Tender;

3.2.4. block the User Account based on the User's request.


4.1. The use of services to commit or promote an indecent or otherwise inappropriate act contrary to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and good practices and customs is prohibited.

4.2. Including, but not limited to, the following acts listed below are prohibited when using services:

4.2.1. creating access to such resources in the Internet network, access to which is not allowed to the User;

4.2.2. use of copyrighted works, trademarks, business name, advertising, licenses, industrial design, etc. intellectual property, the use of which is not authorized by this User, or in a manner that is not authorized;

4.2.3. arbitrary destruction, damage or alteration of the integrity of data created or collected using computer technology;

4.2.4. copying or transmitting in any way such data and materials that create an abnormal load on the service servers;

4.2.5. distribution in any way of computer viruses or programs that contain viruses or any other codes, files or programs and/or parts thereof designed to interfere with, disrupt or limit the functionality of the telecommunications network, its equipment or the software used;

4.2.6. promotion of cruelty, physical or mental violence and illegal activities;

4.2.7. either directly or indirectly referring to other materials on the Internet, promoting the User himself or another person, unless it is permitted in these Terms of Use;

4.2.8. Disturbing the operation of the Internet or other Users using services;

4.2.9. Entering free offers and/or free tenders into the environment;

4.2.10. Violation of the rules of the environment, which are written separately in each tender.


5.1. The user undertakes to provide true personal data when registering as a user, including registering under his correct and full name and using a valid e-mail address and phone number.

5.2. The user undertakes not to use the environment for illegal transaction(s) and/or fraud(s).

5.3. The tender winner is obliged to pay the service fee according to the established price list within 3 (three) days after the invoice is issued. The fee is paid by the winner of the Tender for using the service and it does not depend on whether the winner of the Tender can perform the work published in the advertisement by the Tender organizer or not.

5.4. The tender organizer undertakes to give feedback to within 7 (seven) days of all the reasons why, in the tender organizer's opinion, it is not possible to reach an agreement with the tender winner to perform the work published by the tender organizer in the advertisement, if contacts him either e - by mail or phone.

5.5. The organizer of the procurement undertakes to provide with the name of the new executor of the work that was the subject of the corresponding procurement announcement and/or the name of the company if contacts him or her by e-mail or telephone.


6.1. The winner of the Tender may submit an application to by e-mail  to declare the tender as failed, if the Tender winner has not reached an agreement with the Tender organizer within 1 (one) month from the selection of the Tender winner at for the execution of the work that was the subject of the published procurement announcement. In the application submitted to, the winner of the Tender must state all the reasons for the failure of the Tender.

6.2. In the process of declaring the tender failed, checks the reasons given by the winner of the tender regarding the failure of the tender and makes a decision based on them whether to return the service fee paid by the tender winner or not or whether to set the paid service fee as an advance payment or not. has the right to ask the winner of the Tender for additional information about the reasons given in the application for declaring the tender to have failed.

6.3. If the tender is deemed to have failed, will not refund the service fee paid by the tender winner if:

6.3.1. More than 2 (two) months have passed since the selection of the tender winner until the written notification sent by the tender winner to at ;

6.3.2. The tender winner has not contacted the Tender organizer within 3 (three) days after opening the contacts of the respective tender;

6.3.3. The reason for the failure of the procurement is not an objective fact. As an objective circumstance, considers such a circumstance that the winner of the Tender and/or the organizer of the Tender could not influence with their behavior;

6.3.4. The tender winner did not pay the service fee invoice to on time.

6.3.5. The tender winner has not submitted additional information to regarding the cancellation of the tender within 7 (seven) days after sent the relevant letter to the e-mail address of the tender winner.

6.3.6. The bid submitted by the tender winner is against the rules.

6.4. will inform the winner of the Tender in writing by e-mail about the cancellation of the Tender and the return/non-return of the paid service fee or the determination/non-determination of advance payment, and the decision is final.

6.5. In the event of the procurement being deemed to have failed due to the occurrence of an objective circumstance, will refund the service fee to the tender winner in its entirety on the basis of a credit note starting from the amount of 500 (five hundred) euros (the price includes VAT). In order to return the service fee exceeding the mentioned amount, the Tender winner submits an application to

6.6. assigns the service fee paid to the winner of the Tender for contacts in the event of failure of the Tender due to the occurrence of an objective circumstance as prepayment in full, if the amount of the service fee is less than 500 (five hundred) euros (the price includes VAT). The advance payment can be used in the future to offset the service fees of winning the tender.

6.7. The payment term of the credit invoice for the refund of the service fee is at least 3 (three) days.


7.1. is responsible for fulfilling the obligations specified in the Terms of Use at the given time in the best possible way, while does not assume any responsibility in connection with possible losses of the User in the following cases:

7.1.1. if the damage has occurred for reasons beyond's control, in particular from interruptions in the provision of services or in the internet connection that serves as a prerequisite for the use of services;

7.1.2. if the damage has occurred due to reasons beyond's control as a result of a delay in the transmission or deletion of user information;

7.1.3. if the damage has occurred as a result of unauthorized persons accessing information located on the Internet or when such information is changed by unauthorized persons;

7.1.4. if the User has claims regarding the availability of information, services or products provided or received through or in connection with the services, their suitability for their purposes, their truth and/or content.

7.2. The user is independently and fully responsible, among other things:

7.2.1. for the content of the data and information transmitted by him when using the services and for their compliance with the provisions of the Terms of Use and current legislation;

7.2.2. for abusing the purposes of using the services;

7.2.3. for losses incurred by the User himself and/or any third party in connection with the User's violation of these Terms of Use.


8.1. Terms of use come into effect in the environment from the moment the User Account is created and are valid indefinitely.

8.2. has the right to change and/or modify the content of the services, parameters, restrictions, procedures, menu structures of service provision, documentation, etc., without prior notice to the User. Changes are considered to be notified to the user from the moment they are placed in the environment.

8.3. has the right to unilaterally change and supplement the Terms of Use and the price list due to the development of the services and in the interests of their better and safer use.

8.4. may notify the User of changes and additions to the Terms of Use and the price list through relevant notices published on

8.5. Changes and additions to the terms of use and price list take effect from the publication of the corresponding change or addition at  - s.

8.6. The user confirms his acceptance of changes and additions to the price list and/or Terms of Use by using services after the respective changes/additions come into effect.


9.1. Disputes arising from the use of will be resolved by the User and through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the dispute will be resolved by the Harju County Court.

9.2. The terms of use are valid upon their acceptance by the user and are valid during the validity of the legal relations regulated in the terms of use between the user and The user has the right to cancel the user agreement at any time, having previously fulfilled his current obligations towards and other Users.