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  • Download our app from Google Play or Apple Store
  • Enter with Facebook or Google
  • Register as a seller in the appropriate categories
  • Location tracker switch is in the header

  • Select the appropriate option from the account settings
  • Subscribe the categories you take interest in

  • Set the required deposit whilst placing the proposal
  • If your proposal is successful, the deposit amount will be booked
  • After the acceptance of the delivery, customer is required to release the deposit
  • After that you can withraw your money

  • Notifications will be sent within the system, email and / or cell phone
  • Notification settings can be changed beneath your account

You can send all your messages through the application

  • Notification about the successful bid will be sent to your email and mobile, it can not be switched off
  • You can configure settings of notifications about the unsuccessful bids

  • Pick a category from above, you can add additional categories later. There can be multiple categories for your tender.
  • Explain your problem in couple of wors; add photos if possible
  • Show your location, it is acquired automatically if provided by your device
  • Pick a suitable time schedule
  • Publish the tender

  • Your call for bids is forwarded to all the service providers who have subscribed to the categories of your tender
  • Via email and/or mobile

  • You can define the deadline yourself
  • We encourage you to use "Will not decide before the deadline" option. It will enable vendors to make better bids.

  • Proposals will appear beneath the call from different vendors
  • You will be notified according to your notification settings
  • It is also possible that vendors will ask additional questions

  • You can send all your messages through the application
  • You will have an overview of all the correspondance beneath your tender

  • The notifications are sent within the application, on your email and/or mobile
  • You can change the settings beneath your account

  • Its reasonable to consider the rating for vendors previous orders
  • If the vendor is a VAT registered company we require the price to include VAT

  • The supplier determines the required amount of deposit in its tender
  • On acceptance of the bid the amount is reserved from the customer's account
  • After that the customer and the vendor are connected
  • To complete the transfer, the customer must declare the acceptance of the delivery through the application

  • If the client and the vendor are unable to resolve the dispute by themselves, Hankeabi OÜ will intervene
  • We always try to reach a satisfactory outcome for all parties
  • The full amount of the contract shall be transferred to the service provider only if the delivery fully complies with the tender specification
  • In case of partial delivery, partial release of the funds can be issued
  • If the parties are not satisfied with our proposed solution it is possible to refer the dispute of Commerce and Industry, the county court or arbitration; security remains intact until the constitutional court settlement being
  • In case the parties are not satisfied with our solution; its possible to forward the dispute to the court of arbitration of Estonian Chamber Of Commerce and Industry or to the country court. The deposit will remain intact until the legal solution is reached

Because we use the same app for both buying and selling - it does require multiple permissions

  • It is necessary to establish a relationship of law

  • Due to the convenience of adding a price request
  • To be able to track your trading location

  • To enable the buyer to describe the problem quickly and comfortably

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